Do’s And Dont’s in Andaman Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Island is the ultimate destination tourist place in the world. There are so many things you would enjoy there. But holidays in Andaman became more wonderful and joyable if you think before twice what to do and what not in the island.

What to do in Andaman Islands

  • Passport and Indian Visa is compulsory for foreigner travels.
  • Always carry your document like driving license, permit, or passport.
  • Wear helmet while driving even you are in two wheeler, if anybody  caught you driving without helmet he/she will be penalized.
  • If you are on the beach or near by the sea then always read the signboards carefully.
  • Dress properly when you visit in the markets and villages.
  • Always carry your permit while entering in prohibited area.
  • Take permission from the locals if you want to make video or take photos of their.
  • If you want to take video or picture in any tourist attractions, then obtain permission. All the tourist attractions spots will carry notice boards about permission.
  • Wear life jacket while boarding on boat
  • Keep the beaches and environment clean, do not throw plastic bottles or garbage in the sea.

What Not to do in Andaman Islands

  • Do not use plastic bags or carry bags, these are strictly prohibited in the island.
  • Do not smoke in public areas.
  • Do not swim if there is nobody around you.
  • Don’t do boating without life jacket.
  • Do not take pictures of the tribes of the Andaman without legal permission.
  • Do not visit in the prohibited area without permissions, it is a punishable offence.
  • Nudity is banned in all the beaches of the Island.
  • Do not stay overnight in the beaches or forest there are many kind of venomous  animals there.
  • Bonfire is strictly prohibited in the beaches and the jungles of the Andaman.
  •  Do not collect, destroy or remove any living/dead animal or plant.
  • Do not collect dead corals or touch/break corals.