Ferry Services in Andaman and Nicobar Island

In Andaman most island can only be reached by water, well its sounds romantic. There are regular boat services to Havelock and Neil Island as well as Rangat, Mayabunder, Diglipur and Little Andaman.

Government ferries leave from Port Blair harbor also known as Phoenix Bay Jetty. If you want to visit tourist island by rented car then it will cost you around 10,000 or 11,000 while ferries are a cheaper way to get there, but in peak seasons there are a long queue for the tickets of ferries.

For Indian nationals, tickets can be booked only 04 days in advance and all tickets and seats are subject to availability. The tickets are booked by the STARS counters which is managed by the Directorate of shipping services.
Ferries Services in Andaman

Andaman Ferry Schedule & Timings

Andaman Ferry have scheduled timings so make sure that you check out the ferry timings. The ferry timings may also depend on the weather in Andaman. Ferries in Andaman and Nicobar starts early in the morning. Mainly akk the ferries starts from Port Blair. You need to be in time to catch these ferries as they depart on the scheduled timings. Weather can be a problem which can halt the departure of these ferries.

Government Ferry to Neil Island From Port Blair
Departure Time
Intermediate Port
Destination Port
0630 Hrs
Port Blair
0845 Hrs
Port Blair
Government Ferry to Havelock Island From Port Blair
Departure Time
Intermediate Port
Destination Port
0620 Hrs
Port Blair
0900 Hrs
Port Blair
1100 Hrs
Port Blair
Neil Island
1445 Hrs
Neil Island
Port Blair
Government Ferry to Rangat Island From Port Blair
Departure Time
Intermediate Port
Destination Port
0615 Hrs
Port Blair
Neil, Havelock, Strait Island & Long Island
0615 hrs
Long Island, Strait Island, Havelock & Neil
Port Blair
Government Ferry to Mayabunder From Port Blair
Departure Time
Intermediate Port
Destination Port
0700 Hrs
Port Blair
2200 hrs
Port Blair

Note: – This is a Tentative Sailing Programme subject to weather conditions & to change at Short Notice. The Directorate of Shipping Services will not bear any responsibility what so ever loses (if any) due to any change in the Programme).

Andaman Ferry Tickets Prices

One can easily book Andaman Ferry tickets from Port Blair Harbor to travel to different islands of the Andaman. All the ferries can be booked in Port Blair. Tourist can book Andaman Ferry Tickets to almost every island where the services are offered by the ferries.

Portblair – Havelock
Portblair – Neil
Havelock – Neil
No. of Seats
INR 378/-
INR 378/-
INR 378/-
INR 525/-
INR 525/-
INR 525/-


  1. avatar
    Posted by Manash| August 27, 2016 |Reply

    It was a very bad experience for us. We had booked honeymoon holiday in Andaman islands. And while traveling in ferry from Port Blair to Havelock my wife’s got sea sickness and here health deteriorated as soon as we reached Havelock. It ruined our day as she only rested that day. We were thinking how she will go back since it was causing vomiting and headaches to her.
    But at last while on return trip she took medicine and was little relieved by that. Overall our experience in Andaman Ferry was below average !

  2. avatar
    Posted by Sarah| September 27, 2016 |Reply

    Andaman Ferry are great way to hop between the islands. Cheapest and best way to get along the islands. Ferry Prices are also cheap and once can easily find seat with pre booking the tickets.
    They are comfortable though they lack other facilities like food and drink options which would be good for tourists. Some of the government ferries are quite good . While on holidays in the Andaman we traveled a lot through government ferries in Andaman.

  3. avatar
    Posted by Shivani| May 16, 2017 |Reply

    I need govt ferry ticket

  4. avatar
    Posted by gaurav| September 4, 2017 |Reply

    wanted to book ferry ticket from havelock to port blair for 09sept17 3 adults in any afternoon ferry green ocean, govt ferry only i need tickets in any evening ferrry

  5. avatar
    Posted by HARI| September 10, 2017 |Reply


  6. avatar
    Posted by biswa| September 12, 2017 |Reply

    Hi Team,

    We are looking to get govt ferry tickets for the folloiwng dates and routes
    This we need for 14 travellers & 1 infant.

    Day 1 24 SEPT 2017 SUN : PB to NEIL
    Day 2 25 SEPT 2017 MON : Neil to Havelock.

    We need to get this booked preferrably for the following time.

    Port – Neil 0630
    Neil – Havelock 1300


  7. avatar
    Posted by Apoorva| October 2, 2017 |Reply

    I need to book govt ferry tickets plz help me

  8. avatar
    Posted by Vinay| October 5, 2017 |Reply

    Need to book govt ferry for 7th November from Port Blair to Neil island and on 8th November from Neil to havlock and on 10 th of November from havlock to port Blair.

  9. avatar
    Posted by Pratibha| October 17, 2017 |Reply


    Need help with ferry booking in Jan 2018
    Port Blair – Havelock
    Neil – Port Blair
    Havelock – Neil

    Thanks in Advance

  10. avatar
    Posted by Arindam Banerjee| October 18, 2017 |Reply

    I want to book govt ferry on following dates .
    28/10/2017 from port Blair to Neil
    29/10/2017 from Neil to Havelock.
    With 8 adults and 01(3yrs) child.
    What should I do?
    Please guide me.

  11. avatar
    Posted by arindam| October 19, 2017 |Reply

    I am looking for a govt ferry ticket from port Blair .
    This is for 2 adults.
    My schedule is…
    27/10/17 Port Blair to Havelock at morning 6.30am
    28/10/17 Havelock to Port Blair at afternoon 1.00 pm
    Thank you

  12. avatar
    Posted by Vikrant Verma| October 31, 2017 |Reply

    How will I book ferry 4 day advance, online booking is available? If yes , plz send me site name

  13. avatar
    Posted by Sourav Maiti| November 15, 2017 |Reply

    I want to book govt ferry tickets from port blair to havelock island for 4 person. How can I book.

  14. avatar
    Posted by Eshita| November 24, 2017 |Reply

    Need to book government ferry for the 26 th of November..how do I do it.?

  15. avatar
    Posted by sanjeev| November 25, 2017 |Reply

    I m looking for government ferry tickets port Blair to havelock on 30 December 2017 and havelock to port Blair on 01 jan 2018 for 5 persons. how can I get it. please

  16. avatar
    Posted by Shravan| February 23, 2018 |Reply

    Hi I Need Ferry ticket Govt. Ferry on seat. 4 persons. Travel date 04 April 18 Port Blair to Havelock — 6.20 am ferry.
    06 April Havelock to Port Blair – 11 am ferry. Pls. quote.


  17. avatar
    Posted by VeMani| March 1, 2018 |Reply

    No clear advice regarding whom to contact to get tickets and how to book in advance…
    The schedule given is also not clear..
    Online booking…??

  18. avatar
    Posted by Nitish Varshney| March 17, 2018 |Reply

    I m looking for government ferry tickets port Blair to havelock on 29th March for 2 people.

  19. avatar
    Posted by Shreya| March 20, 2018 |Reply

    Hi, need to book ferry on 7 April…. Please help….

  20. avatar
    Posted by Lokesh Kumar| April 11, 2018 |Reply

    government ferry tickets port Blair Full Address

  21. avatar
    Posted by RAMDULAL MASANTA| June 26, 2018 |Reply

    I want Govt ferry ticket for following date kindly help me. we are 04 adults. we need seat not chair
    24.09.2018 at 06:20 AM PB – Havelock Seat 04 nos
    25.09.2018 at 14:45 PM Havelock – Neil Seat 04 nos
    26.09.2018 at 16:00 PM Neil – PB seat 04 nos

  22. avatar
    Posted by Ayan Kumar Ghosh| July 3, 2018 |Reply

    I am looking for government ferry from
    2 Sep 2018 Port blair to Neil Island
    3 Sep 2018 Neil island to Havelock
    6 Sep Havelock to Port Blair.

    Please any against arrange ticket please give call in this no.

  23. avatar
    Posted by Khushi| August 1, 2018 |Reply

    I am visiting in sept 2018 from 1st sept to 6th sept. I need ferries as below.
    A. Port blair to neil island on 2 sept. Early mrg
    B. Neil island to havelock on 3 sept. Early mrg
    C. Havelock to portblair on 4 sept. Late evening
    D. Port blair to ross island n north bay for activities on 5 sept
    Can anybody help with timings and booking?

  24. avatar
    Posted by shuvro| November 3, 2018 |Reply

    A. Port blair to neil island on 20 Jan. Early mrg – 5 tickets
    B. Neil to Havelock island on 21 Jan. Early mrg – 5 tickets
    C. Havelock to Rangat on 23 Jan. – 5 tickets
    There have anybody who can help me to book tickets

    9831 three four six three four six

  25. avatar
    Posted by Sanjay choudhary| November 29, 2018 |Reply

    Hi I am looking for govt ferries from port Blair to havelock on 3rd January 2019 how can I book the ticket and when…?

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