Visa Requirements for Andaman & Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar is a part of India, therefore, Indian Nationals do not require Visa for the Andaman Islands. They can freely enter the Andaman Islands without Visa. However, if they need to visit tribal areas they might need permissions from by Deputy Commissioner, Andaman District. The locals of the Islands are also not allowed to visit the Tribal areas without permissions.

For Foreign Nationals

Tourists from Nepal and Bhutan can also enter India without any Visa as they are exempted from Visa Formalities. But if the citizens of Nepal are entering India from China than they need to have Visa. People of Maldives also can stay up to 90 days in India without any Visa.

Foreign nationals need to have a permit- RAP (Restricted Area Permit) in order to visit the islands. This permit can be made easily available when you arrive at Port Blair by flight or ship and is issued by the Immigration Authorities which is valid for 30 days, however, it can be extended for 15 more days.

For the resident of Burma, RAP will not allow them to enter places like Mayabunder and North Andaman. For them to visit these parts of Andaman they need to get prior permission from Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi.

RAP can also be made available from the Foreigners Registration offices at New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata and from the Immigration Authorities of the same. Nicobar group of Islands is not open for tourists and a special permission is required from the Deputy Commissioner, Nicobar District to visit the latter of the beautiful group of islands due to bonafide reasons. Some of the places are strictly prohibited to the visitors which are tribal areas in Nicobar island, but if someone wishes to get there, they need a special permission from the Deputy commissioner of Port Blair.