Rangat Island

Rangat Island is located in Middle part of the Andaman Island. It is the land of fresh beaches, waterfalls, and interesting islands. Two major occupations of people in this island are fisheries and farming. Rangat is not very popular among tourists but those who do end up here can be surprised by the attractions it has to offer.

How To Reach

Rangat Island is approximately 90 km from sea or 190 km by road from Port Blair. Some morning bus services are available to Rangat from Port Blair. Road to Rangat from Port Blair passes through the Jarawa tribes. Government boats are also available to Rangat from Port Blair/ Havelock Island/ Neil island and vice-versa.

Where To Stay

Hawksbill nest a government resort is a good option to stay, bookings must be made at Andaman and Nicobar tourism at Port Blair.Some other fine options are available here from the cheap lodge to business class hotels.

Sightseeing And Activities

There are countless plantation and agriculture farms, people who love botany can see how spices are being grown and yes coffee also.Other attractions of the Rangat are- Cutbert bay beach, Amkunj bay beach, Moricidera, panchavati hills which have a beautiful waterfall.

What To Do

The beach is ideal for swimming, sunbathing and relaxation.Moricidera a wonderful trekking spot will perfectly suit the requirements of adventure tourists interested in trekking.