Why Choose Andaman & Nicobar As Honeymoon Destination

Away from the chaos and monotony of most of the cities are situated these beautiful islands just like a pearl in the Bay of Bengal. You will surely have an unforgettable romantic Honeymoon vacations in the Andamans. While searching for the best romantic destinations around the world, you’ll undoubtedly find this one in the list. There is a wide variety of activities you can enjoy together to rekindle your romance with your partner. So here are some reasons why you should choose Andaman and Nicobar as you Honeymoon Destination.

Why Honeymoon Holidays in Andaman

1. Exchange Rings Underwater

Having an underwater sea walk and exchanging rings while standing on the seabed! This sounds so amazing. There will be colorful schools of fish whizz past you and you can just imagine how beautiful and romantic is all this going to be.

2. Rent a Scooter and tour Havelock Islands

Havelock is one of the most romantic destinations in the Andaman Islands. The best way to explore this popular spot in the archipelago is by renting a scooty and reliving the college days with your special one. Spend some time loitering by the beaches, holding hands and watching the setting sun. The rental will cost no more than Rs.300 or 400.

3. A Romantic dinner date

Being an island, you’ll get the best and freshest seafood here to satisfy your taste buds. Book a table outdoors in a romantic setting and enjoy the food. You can get a personalized decoration and setting according to your choice and needs.

4. Visit the little Andaman Island

Don’t confuse this one with the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This is a small island in the Andamans and is called the little Andaman Island. The love birds can try their hands at water surfing and boating, elephant safari or go for an exciting trek. Other beautiful spots here are the two gurgling waterfalls- the White Surf waterfall and the Whisper Wave waterfall. You can climb up a lighthouse as lighthouses have a charm which is hard to miss and this one especially because it is in a secluded location and offers a mesmerizing view of the coastline.

5. Enjoy the unusual coral and marine life

You can enjoy the unusual coral and marine life at the Cinque Island. As there is no human habitation here, the couples can also chill around and relax and have some moments of privacy in the surroundings of nature.

6. Innumerable Islands to explore

Apart from the cliché islands, there are a number of islands to explore on this archipelago. Barren islands which confirm to have the only active volcano of South Asia is a must visit. Then, you can have special time with your sweetheart at the Karmatang beach, a picturesque place with sparkling clean water, soft sand, and peaceful ambience. Do visit the Parrot Island at sunset, where hordes of parrots flock together giving the couple a memorable experience for a lifetime.

7. Get a Couple massage

Go for an Ayurvedic body massage in the Andamans and you are guaranteed to come out relaxed and refreshed. This will surely relieve you from all the stress and tensions of work.

8. A Heartwarming view of the sunset

We all have seen sunsets at some point of time in our lives. But it can never be too boring to watch the sun setting by the beach with your partner and the birds to returning home with their partners. Pick out a secluded beach for this purpose and you can exchange your vows as well while roaming around holding hands and feeling each other’s warmth.

Now, you are well informed about one of the hottest romantic destinations of the world and a place which is blessed with too much natural beauty. Honeymoon in the Andaman Islands will surely be your most romantic holidays. So, we are sure that you are going to have one of the most memorable vacations with the love of your life.

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