For new India discourse BJP returns to Veer Savarkar’s Andaman

Andaman island, which honed ideological might of BJP chief Amit Shah’s inspiration Veer Savarkar, will host a brainstorm to find a roadmap for New India envisioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The BJP is getting 30-odd young professionals, who hold no allegiance to the party, to discuss issues central to the idea.

Incidentally, the original idea for the three-day long conclave in Andaman island beginning September 15, was to dive deep into intellectual discourse to lay the vision for India of the next 70 years. However, the PM apparently brought a sense of immediacy and asked the discourse to focus on the vision for New India by 2022.

“We are bringing together at least 30 young professionals from diverse fields. They will discuss solutions for key challenges enshrined in the idea of New India enunciated by the PM,” said Ravindra Sathe, executive director of the Mumbai-headquartered Rambahu Mhalgi Prabodhini, which works under the patronage of the BJP.

To get a semblance of Savarkar’s tryst with the Cellular Jail of the island, the professionals will spend time there to acquaint themselves with the vision of arguably one of the principal proponents of Hindutva. From probity in life and governance to doubling farmers’ income, the professionals have their task cut out for them to hammer out actionable solutions. They will also discuss ways to make the Swachch Bharat campaign a success, besides making an in-depth analysis of the ongoing activities in the sanitation campaign, added Sathe.

The conclave will also seek answers to key concerns affecting the Modi government, including employment generation and expansion of economy. Sathe said the report prepared after the brainstorm will be submitted to the PM and the BJP chief. A few sectoral experts are also being roped in to help the professionals engage in result-oriented debate on each topic.

The PM has been talking about his vision of New India by 2022, with 65 per cent of India’s population aged below 35. The Union ministries have also been holding brainstorming sessions among officials on the theme of a corruption-free India, wherein experts from anti-graft watchdogs are helping participants on meaningful discussions.

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