Glass Bottom Boating in Andaman

Glass Bottom Boating in Andaman is a relaxing and thrilling thing one can do in Andaman Islands. Tiny boats with glass bottoms for you to have a glimpse of the water life as it sails through the sea, that’s the glass bottom boating for you. Visitors who are scared of snorkelling and scuba diving, they can avail glass bottom boat facility to see corals while travelling inside the coral beach. The glass bottom boat rides allow visitors to experience several fascinating aspects of marine life and provide them with a bird’s eye view of the aquarium. By choosing glass bottom boat ride one can simply view this beauty of corals and underwater marine life.

Boats with glass bottom sail through the sea. You can board these boats and enjoy the view of waters and the marine life. Glass bottom boat ride, which replicates an ocean environment, have their own marked territories at different levels of the tank, as they do at sea. You can also spot undisturbed corals without even stepping in the water.

Where to do Glass Bottom Boating in Andaman

Glass bottom boat rides can be boarded from water sports complex to North Bay Coral island or from Port Blair to Jolly Buoy Island. The charges for these facilities are depending upon the time visitors like to spend.

Only Andaman Dolphin is the most popular company, which provides the Wondrous exploration of the underwater world takes place at Port Blair, and on a comfortable, luxurious and safe international standard speed boat.

Popular spot for glass bottom boat ride is North Bay coral beach but it is a little bit crowded as it is very near to Port Blair and all facilities are available. On the other side, Jolly Buoy and Red Skin Islands are also good for this ride but these remotely located islands has no facilities and people have to carry all related belongings along with them.

Be pleased by natures beautiful creation by taking part in a wonderful boat ride trip in Andaman, give a quick look into the mesmerising and enticing underwater world without getting wet.