Landfall Island Wildlife Sanctuary

The Landfall Island Wildlife Sanctuary was established by ‘Andaman and Nicobar Administration’ in the year 1987. The Landfall Island in which the wildlife sanctuary is located is the northernmost island of Andaman archipelago. Between beautiful blue lagoons and clear sandy beaches the Landfall Island Wildlife Sanctuary promises to satisfy every nature lovers travel cravings.

The area of the Landfall Island Wildlife Sanctuary is covered with tropical rain forest mangroves, extensive lagoons, creeks, sandy beaches etc. There are numerous aboriginal tribes who resides here and one should take possible caution in approaching them, most of these tribal people do not welcome foreign interactions.

To Get There

The Landfall Island is connected through ferries. The nearest city to Landfall Island is Port Blair and it is around 228 Km away.


Visitors are advised to get in touch with the authorities of the Landfall Wildlife Sanctuary about accommodation. Alternate and affordable accommodation available at Port Blair, otherwise visitors have the choice to stay in Pristine Beach Resort in Diglipur, which is near to Landfall Island by boat. There is another Government run resort APWD (Andaman Public Work Department) is available in Diglipur. Advance booking is good for you.

When To Visit

Visitors can plan their trip in the month of November and April. This island never experiences winter season but these months are ideal to visit here.

Other Activities

The marine ecosystem of the surrounding waters is one of the most well-preserved ecosystems, which has a variety of fish and corals. Snorkelling and swimming in these waters are the kind of adventure that satiates wanderlust. Landfall Island Wildlife Sanctuary is a very beautiful place full of interesting things that need to be explored.