Laxmanpur Beach

This beach is situated in Laxmanpur village and 2Km away from Neil jetty. Laxmanpur Beach is famous for sunset view.There are few basic hotels near the beach, in most case’s you don’t need to book in advance. There are stall for food items like Maggie, pakora, fish fry etc.

Enjoy the beautiful white sand of the beach and you can find varieties of colourful stones and shells on the beach. White shell sand with shallow waters and dead corals make this beach perfect for snorkelling. Swimming is not advisable on this beach as it is very rocky and waves hit from all direction.The beach is very wide and long and provides an awesome view for an evening walk.

On peak tourist days, the beach gives you lot of time and space to be on your own and enjoy the privacy even among crowd.The main attraction here is the natural rock formations.