Parasailing in Andaman

Parasailing in the Andaman Islands is an another incredible water sport that does not require swimming. This sport is a mixture of water and airborne adventure. You’retied behind a motor boat while harnessed in a parachute so, you will like flying behind the boat over the sea.

The person pursuing parasailing is towed behind a boat, while attached to a specially designed canopy. The boat accelerates across the water and lifts you high into the air. The parasailor has little or no control over the parachute. You are tethered to a boat, where you go is totally determined by the driver of the boat towing you. Parasailing is done in seas with relatively calm waters. Choppy, wavy water will agitate the boat that the parasail is tethered to, which can create a nerve wrecking experience.

Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is famous for parasailing in Andaman. It is a good place and well maintained, not very far from the city. Hire an auto or taxi and you can easily get in there.

People can do all the other water activities such as Jet Ski ride, Banana boat rides here. Minimum time for parasailing here is just for 5-10 minutes. The organizers usually take you inside the sea in a boat for it. You can experience the beauty of the sea in your own way and then enjoy the parasailing there. The cost of parasailing is depending on what season it is, how long you will stay afloat and which location you are parasailing at. Parasailing is a recreational activity. It actually requires more effort by others (paragliding and hand gliding) and additional equipment beyond the parachute.

That’s why it is more recreational. The energizing parasailing adventure lifts the enthusiast high above the sea and provides the amazing overview of the beach.


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    Posted by Sristi| March 9, 2017 |

    What is the price for parasailing. ?

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      Posted by Swati| October 23, 2017 |

      What is the price for parasailing in dec 2017