Saddle Peak National Park

Saddle Peak National park is located in the Northern side of the Andaman Islands and spreads in a scope of 33square miles. This national park was named after Saddle Peak, the saddle peak is at an altitude of 732metres, making it the highest peak in the whole archipelago.

The forest is encircled with plentiful, lush green and thick tropical forests, having humid, warm and tropical climate. Saddle Peak National Park is surrounded by moist, tropical vegetation as well as deciduous evergreen forest. The species Scolopia pusilla and Cleistanthus robustus (a form of wild plant) are found in this island that are not found in the mainland India.

The main animal species in the park includes Andaman wild pig, water monitor lizard, and salt-water crocodiles. The important birds found here are Andaman hill mynah and imperial pigeon.

To Get There

Visitors can take bus from Kalipur. It takes hardly 10 minutes to reach Lamia Bay, which is base of the Saddle Peak. From Lamia Bay bus stop, you can see the entrance of the National Park.Permits are issued from the Forest Department Office. It is opposite to the park entrance at the trailhead.


Nothing is available in Saddle Peak National Park. Accommodation is available only in Diglipur, which is close enough to this park. Make prior arrangements, by asking the hotel owner where you are staying.

Other Activities

When visiting the Saddle Park, you must visit The Lamiya Bay, which is situated right next show casing the vivacious presence of the Dolphins and Whales.

Rare flora and wild fruits are offering trekking opportunities including climbing up natural steps formed by the roots of old trees. Tourist need to take permission from forest department to trek through this park. National Park is mostly uninhabited so you won’t get any help from the locals in case you get lost. Following the tree with red marks on the trunk is the best way to proceed.

Start your visit early in the morning and carry enough snacks and water. There is nothing available in Saddle peak National Park.