Top Things to do in Port Blair

Port Blair is the heart of Andaman Island. Missing this island is not something you wish to do during your Andaman Trip. There are plenty of things to do in Port Blair from discovering a rich tribal culture to exploring shorelines and islands and picking up coral artifacts at Aberdeen Bazaar. Water sports activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, deep-sea diving and ocean walks are also a plenty here and make for a great holiday adventure in Port Blair. From shimmering beaches to anthropological museums and colonial jails, there is plenty to keep you busy in Port Blair. Apart from attractions in Port Blair, you can enjoy shopping or nightlife in Port Blair.

Sightseeing in Port Blair

One of the most popular things to do in Port Blair is to discover its colonial past. The most famous and popular attraction among tourists is the Cellular Jail, where visitors get to know and experience the island’s colonial past. In the evenings, a special sound and light show is hosted in Hindi and English. The Cellular Jail is the definitive beginning to this journey, Along with a trip to the fascinating Ross Island. A trip to Viper Island is also possible as part of the famous three-island tour, although few tourists venture there. The city also has some museums- like the Anthropological Museum, the Samudrika Marine Museum and the fully functional Chatham Saw Mill on Chatham Island. The Aberdeen bazaar is the hub of the town, about 3km from the airport and only a kilometre away from the Phoenix Bay Jetty, from where most ferries depart. In Port Blair, there is something interesting in every corner, each of the sightseeing in Port Blair have their unique appeal making them a must visit when in Port Blair.

Activities in Port Blair

Outdoor enthusiasts will have a field day in Port Blair. This tiny islet considered as a paradise for adventure enthusiast offers a wide range of outdoor activities that you can enjoy here. While Port Blair city has limited activities to offer, snorkelling, diving, sea-walk are all possible in North Bay. Jolly Buoy / Red Skin in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park in Wandoor are great for a day trip. Snorkelling and rides on glass-bottom boats are available here.  The Munda Pahad Trek in Chidiya Tapu is highly recommended. For more serious trekking, Mount Harriet is a must go. A relaxing evening in Marina Park is recommended for families. Anglers will have some good salt water fishing opportunities in the Andaman Sea as the waters here are teeming with fish as commercial fishing is virtually non-existent.

Shopping in Port Blair

Head to the Aberdeen Bazaar where you can pick up a number of items from the roadside stalls as well as government emporiums. Coloured fabrics, wood artefacts, jewellery, Port Blair T-shirts much more are aplenty here. Best things to pick from the Sagarika Government Emporium are pearl jewellery, home decor accessories made from shells, coconut lampshades and bangles and paper mache tribal masks.

Eating Out in Port Blair

In Port Blair, almost all kinds of food is available. Port Blair is heaven for any food lover, as there are plenty of seafood restaurants as well as international restaurants, serving some delicious fare. Fine dining spots for romantic candle-light dinners are very popular among honeymooning couples. If you are craving a fun night out, stroll over to the ‘Sea Sip Bar’ that is open at night. There are plenty of tasty cocktails and mocktails, you can sip on throughout the night.

Festivals & Events in Port Blair

Island Tourism Festival in Port Blair is another major and one of the most famous festivals of Port Blair. This famous festival is celebrated in the month of December or January with lots of passion and joy every year. This festival is 15 days long celebration which lures large number of travellers every year. The festival features various cultural programmes, exhibitions, puppet shows, water sports competitions, dog shows, canoe race and baby shows. Aqua sports and para sailing are other added attractions at the festival. Through this festival the island administration aims to project the islands image as an eco-friendly destination.