Trekking in Andaman Islands

Trekking is a standout amongst the most looked adventurous experience sport in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is one of the most energetic adventures sports in the Islands. If you love nature and enjoy walking in the hills and cherishing the views, then you can trek in the Andaman.Trekking in the Andaman Island is rewarding, as most of the islands are covered with thick tropical rainforests, teeming with wildlife, rare and endemic plants. Hiking on the Andaman is best to be done with a local guide, trekking routes on the Andaman Islands are available with all the office of Andaman Tourism. One can hire various trekking equipment and tents from Andaman Teal house, these equipment are available at very affordable price.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands have some splendid hills that are perfect for beginners as well as trained. You can easily get hold of all sorts of trekking equipment from Tour operators. Sometimes, trekking expeditions are only a day or two long but trekking at Andaman and Nicobar Islands can extend for a week or even months.Here are some amazing treks in the Andaman Islands that will blow your mind

Best Places for Trekking in Andaman Islands

Mount Harriet

Mount Harriet National Park in Andaman

Many people specifically come to Andaman to trek in Madhuban. The virgin natural beauty of Madhuban is complete with a huge assortment of flora as well as fauna. Madhuban is the perfect spot for trekking, lush green forests, several indigenous flora and fauna and breathtaking natural beauty makes an adventure’s seekers delight. One can go trekking through the nature trail from Mt. Harriet to Kalapathar and enjoy the rare forest life, flora, and fauna. The zig-zag ways, the wooden bridges, thick forest cover you all around. This trekking demands attention. Route from Madhuban to Mt Harriet is the most popular.

The variety of birds and butterflies make the trek an amazing experience. The place offers an exceptional spot for trekking to the venture lovers. Starting from Mount Harriet the trek to Madhuban is 16km long that includes some rocky terrain and curved roads making it a favourite among trekkers. The trail takes you to the highest point in the Andaman Islands and the scenery from here is breathtaking. The tropical weather of Madhuban is simply picture perfect for the explorers. Make sure you reserve a day for this trek.

Chidiya Tapu

For adventure lover Chidiya Tapu has more to offer. A trekking trail which passes through forest and beautiful coastline to reach the Kala Pahad. The trail starts at the shore of Chidiya Tapu beach and moves up passing through the dense forest. Upon reaching Kala Pahad, an elongated black cliff at the edge of Chidiya Tapu with an open seascape is an amazing and exclusive site, which most travellers visiting these islands miss. This place is famous for sunset view and for bird watching. If you are interested in watching the sunset, it is advisable to take an afternoon trip to this place.

Also there are various other trekking routes which let you experience some of the most picturesque sights of the place.

Havelock-Elephant beach: Usually Elephant beach is visited through boat but people who wish to get immersed in the beauty of the islands they can trek through mangrove mesh to reach Elephant beach.
It is recommended to hire a guide at the starting point of the trek, which is located two kilometres from Radhanagar beach. Trekkers need to cover a ground of approximately 300 metres through marshland and mangrove forest. The guide helps you all through this, finding ways for you. This trek takes approximately 30-45 minutes of time, depends on how fast you are. Once you reach Elephant beach you rest and make yourself comfortable.

Saddle peak: saddle peak trek is a must trek if you plan a trip to Andaman. It is a beautiful place and a delight for trekking lovers as it offers an 8km long trek from its entry to the peak of the mountain. The trail takes you to the highest point in the Andaman Island and the scenery from here is simply breathtaking.

Baratang-Limestone caves: start trekking in the way of the cave and appreciate is a splendid feature. The non-touristy trail leads up to here to the famous Limestone cave. Trek through dense forest is in itself a great treat. Walking on a 2km nature trail provides visitors a real sense of being in the tropical rain forest hosting diverse species of plants and palm trees. Including giant bamboo and other standing trees along the way the trekking route is suitable for your considerably physically feet. About half of the route is very steep, though wooden steps were installed to easy the walk. Reach the open cave and ultimately enjoy the tranquillity of its surrounding famous for its stone arch. Enjoy peaceful picnic lunch.

Things To Remember for Andaman Trekking

  • Carry some water and food before starting your trek.
  • Do not wear loose clothes, pack your sports shoes or shoes appropriate for trekking.
  • Keep all the major trekking equipment include food, water, stoves, hydration bags to carry water and other useful materials.

Be mesmerize with the exotic endemic birds, butterflies which are an interesting sight of this wilderness trek.