Mayabunder Island

Mayabunder Island is located in Middle Andaman, it has excellent oceanic beauty and good beaches. It will appeal to the travellers looking for an experience close to nature and away from crowds.Mayabunder is the administrative headquarters of North and Middle Andaman Territory, the town is small with almost no tourist attraction.

How To Reach

Mayabunder Island is linked with Port Blair by the Andaman trunk road. Morning bus services are available between Port Blair and Mayabunder, it takes 9 – 10 hours to reach there. Another option is taking a ferry from Phoenix Bay Jetty in port Blair to Mayabunder and it will take 8-9 hours to reach Mayabunder.

Where To Stay

Mayabunder is a slowly developing area, so there ae limited accommodation options for tourist.Sea and Sand is easily the good place to stay with simple and spacious rooms.The Tourism Department also runs a lovely resort near the sea side. The rest house is reserved for the government officials, but they do offer the rooms for tourist. Booking is possible in Port Blair office and must be done in advance.Some other cheap and very simple lodge are available near main market.

Sightseeing And Activities

  • There is not much to see in Mayabunder except Karmatang beach and Avis Island.
  • Karmatang beach is also a turtle nestling ground. Most of the islands nearby Mayabunder are picnic spots.
  • You can also visit Forest museum, it is close to Mayabunder jetty and houses a rare collection of coral life and fauna.

What To Do

There is a range of day trips to nearby island.At Ray hill you can enjoy elephant safari, wilderness trail, rock climbing for children is available here and a small library also.