Weather in Andaman To Improve From Thursday

Due to depression currently centred 300km south-southwest of Port Blair, about 1400 tourist are stranded in Havelock and Neil Island. From Past 24 hours it has been raining heavily making sea rough and wild.

The navy which has started evacuation operation has been stopped for now since sea is too rough and the naval ships remained 50km off Havelock on Wednesday as the sea was too rough to attempt approaching the jetty.

The weather is likely to develop into a cyclone in 48 hours and head west towards Andhra. With so many tourists stranded on Havelock island, there are fears of food stocks running out, one of the tourists there said. The administration has declared an ‘L1 disaster’, which can be managed at the district level.

Andaman officials said the cyclonic weather has uprooted trees, disrupted power supply and caused flooding in some low-lying areas of Port Blair. Mobile and internet connectivity have also been snapped in many areas.

The administration had called in the Navy as it feared a deep depression about 310km from Port Blair would intensify into a cyclonic storm and strike Havelock. The depression is slowly moving northwest towards the Andhra coast.

Important Contact Numbers of Andaman Officials

Lieutenant Governor 03192-233333/233300 (R)
Chief Secretary 03192-233227/233087
Inspector General of Police 03192-230216/230346 (R)
Director (Tourism) 03192-230933/230234
Chief Officer (Forest) 03192-233321/233260 (R)
Director (Environment) 03192-233331/232635
Airport 03192-233390/232983
Indian Airlines 03192-233108
Shipping Corporation of India 03192-233347
Deputy Commissioner (Andaman) 03192-233089/233253 (R)
Director (Transport) 03192-230225
Tourism Police Office 03192-231346
G.B. Pant Hospital 03192-232102
Police Control Room 03192-232100
Jet Airways 03192-236922