Why Should You Visit Andaman At-Least Once In Your Lifetime?

Planning a vacation and don’t know where to go or have already planned one? Here are a few reasons to consider Andaman and Nicobar Islands as your next holiday destination and once in a lifetime experience!

Why Plan Holidays in Andaman

1. Perfect Amalgamation of Nature and Adventure

The place offers picturesque view and never fails to thrill the travellers who are seeking for adventure. Beautiful view of the Sun: check. Sparkling sand: check. Amazing beaches: check. Snorkeling: check. Scuba diving: check. It’s got it all.

2. Economical and Budget Destination

One thing which comes to the mind before planning the trip are the expenses. Don’t worry as this one is not going to be harsh on your pocket and will surely lie in your budget. You will find a good budget hotel with all amenities. In the Andamans, you can easily rent snorkeling gear which too is inexpensive. Other adventure activities also are keenly priced. The local transport is easily available and doesn’t charge much.

3. Learn about the Indian History

You can make your vacations more productive and as said that the more you travel, the more you learn. This place will also come up to this saying. In the Andamans, you could spend an evening at Cellular Jail and acknowledge the sacrifices of martyrs, as well as learn about the history of which you are a part. It’s a great way because that is a positive and substantial thing to do.

4. You can do Volcano Diving here!

Doesn’t this sound amazing? For this you’ll have to head to Narcondam which is a dormant volcano and a small island. Make sure you make arrangements for this in advance as it is one of the most incredible diving experiences in the world.

5. Cheap Drinks

Yes you read that right! You’ll get drinks here at dirt cheap price. You can get chilled beer from Government stores at just 80 bucks which is not a bad deal.

How To Reach Andaman

6. Friendly People

Unlike other tourist destinations, the locals here won’t exploit you. They are kind and nice and will readily help you if you are in need. They showcase the local products of the islands and you must bargain while buying that.

7. Relish the Delicious Seafood

There are innumerable shack cafes here which offer a wide variety of seafood. You can try the freshly caught fishes and other South Indian dishes. Port Blair is the best place to try amazing seafood.

8. Beautiful places for Sightseeing

You can enjoy a long walk along the Radha Nagar Beach, go for snorkeling at Bharatpur beach, explore India’s history at the Cellular Jail, take a drive on the Andaman Trunk road and there is so much to do in Port Blair. You cannot get bored during your trip to this wonderful place.

9. Shopping Spree

When you go for a trip you surely roam around in the local markets to buy something as a token of memory. Ranging from cane handicrafts, wooden decorative items and accessories made from sea shells and pearls, the street markets in the Andamans offer a surfeit of souvenirs. The sea-shell jewellery is made legally here, so you might want to make some space in your luggage for these exquisite pieces.

10. Healthcare Facilities

Amazing healthcare facilities are available round the clock. The hospitals are clean and hygienic with good services and the staff too is very friendly. So if in case you fall ill during the course of your journey, you need not worry about it.

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