Baratang Island

If you are a nature lover and want to leave in a peaceful area then the Baratang Island is surely for you. This one is became one of the most memorable trip to the visitors because of its untouched beauty and natural wonders.

How To Reach

Baratang Island is approximately 100km far away from Port Blair, you can reach there by bus, which is run from STS terminal, Aberdeen bazaar. Apart from government operated bus service, AC coach buses to Baratang Island is also available.

Where To Stay

Unlike Havelock Island, Baratang remains slightly less develop island, there are no luxurious hotels or resorts here. Most people do a day trip in Baratang. Dew Dale resort is only a better choice if you plan to stay overnight here, but the hospitality of this resort is excellent.


There are plenty of things in Baratang Island a visitors can explore like- India’s only active mud volcano, lime stone caves, and parrot island are here.Most of the beaches of this island is untouched, so travellers can explore the beauty of this virgin beaches and here are some opportunities of bird watching that you don’t want to miss.Visitors can also see some of the amazing island near to Baratang, those are Guitar Island and Spike Island.

What To Do

The island is famous for its variety of natural wonders and beauty.You can enjoy walk through the limestone cave, this is the great natural wonders for many travellers.There is dark inside this cave so once need to carry the torchlight. Cave can be explored with the permission of forest department. Parrot Island is also a beautiful place in Baratang Island, it is the home of hundreds of parrots, the evening view of the parrot island when all the parrot returning to home is indeed a dazzle experience.