Guitar Island

It is one of the most beautiful and less travelled Island in Andaman. It is in the shape of guitar. The island gets connected with a neighboring island in times of low tide. The island which is right opposite to Guitar Island is called small Guitar Island because it also look like a guitar, smaller in size.

How To Reach

Guitar Island can be approached from Long Island by dunghi, it takes near about 15minutes to reach there.

Where To Stay

There is no hotel or resort in this island. This island is perfect only for spending a quiet morning.

Sightseeing And Activities

The beach of the Guitar Island is long, narrow and creamy.Lots of sea creatures sand crab, hermit crab and shells came through to the beach.You could only hear the birds chirping.

What To Do

The entire beach is yours: just you, the sun, the sand the sea, and the forest.Go in the morning, carry a hammock and a book and laze around the beach for the hours.