Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary

Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1985 to protect the elephants. If you’ve come to the Andaman to watch wildlife, it should be top of your list.The sanctuary area covered by semi-evergreen, littoral forests and mangroves is a home to different species of plants, birds and animals. To protect this wonderful nature sanctuary the forest department does not allow night trips to Interview Island. A special permission has to be taken from their office at Mayabunder for a day trip.

Interview Island is the main attractions of Andaman and Nicobar islands, this wildlife sanctuary with its unbelievable flora and fauna will not disappoint you. The scenic beauty of this place is a delight.

To Get There

The only way to reach Interview Island is to charter a private fishing Dunghi from Mayabunder jetty  and the journey takes 3 hours to reach Interview Island.


Tourist cannot stay at the island. You have to go and come back on the same day and to visit you must first obtain permission from the chief wildlife warden.

When To Visit

Hot in summers and the monsoons are long, this area experiences no winter but the sanctuary area has an ideal and soothing climate. Evenings on the island are pleasant, especially during the sunset hours. Tourist can plan their trips between November to April.

Other Activities

Besides the elephants the sanctuary is home to a plenty of creatures like- spotted dear, wild pig, Three-stripped palm squirrel etc. This grand sanctuary is a pleasant heaven and is a great spot for photography. The Interview Island wildlife sanctuary is also a heaven for bird lovers and hosts Ornithologists from around the world every year.