Mangrove Creek Safari

Mangrove of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands account for 13% of the total Indian mangrove cover, the mangroves of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are, recognised as the best in the country in terms of density and growth. Mangroves develop in areas covered by brackish water at high tide.In Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Baratang Island is famous for mangrove creeks. Baratang Island mangroves are a beautiful swamp. Baratang Island offers a boat safari, along with the nature-made tunnel of thick mangrove forest this mangrove creek leads to the magnificent Lime Stone Caves.

The vast mangrove creek, are the main attractions for tourists in Baratang. The lush green mangroves everywhere seen on either side of meandering creeks in the North and Middle Andaman offer excellent scope for creek safari. A motorboat takes you from Baratang jetty to the Lime Stone Caves through mangrove creeks which are a different experience altogether. One can experience this unique eco-friendly activity at yerrata creek.Yerrata creek is a lush green mangrove creek, which is on the way from Yerrata jetty to Long Island.Uttara creek is another mangrove creek travelled through on the way to kadamtala.

The boat ride through the mangrove forest is interesting and for those who haven’t seen Sundarbans, this one will give a beautiful experience of dense mangrove forest. It gives a feeling of the journey in the jungle on the sea.
Baratang Island in Andaman and Nicobar

Things to Remember for Mangrove Safari in Andaman

  • Be careful during this journey, these diesel country boats are not stable in the sea. A very slight tilt in the sitting position of any person inside the boat will make the boat wobble.
  • Don’t allow anybody to insert their hands in the sea as there may be chances of getting pulled into the water.
  • The turns are very narrow and sometimes the edges and sides of the boat hit the banks of the channel, sit firmly to avoid falling off the boat
  • There is only one way to reach and return from the Limestone Cave through boats. People coming back take the same way and sufficient gap will be maintained the ongoing and returning boats. Take care of your hands at the edges of the boat, sometimes the returning boats hit your boat and the chance of hands getting crushed is more.