Avis Island

Avis Island lies in Mayabunder. It is a small island and also known as coconut island. A resort owner had taken this land on lease, which later fell into some judiciary troubles. So, the administration has then started a coconut plantation on this island.
Avis Island is not open for tourist, to visit on the island you have to take prior permission from the local authorities.

How To Reach

Avis Island is near to Mayabunder Island. You can easily reach there by Dunghi, it will be take 20 minutes.

Where To Stay

It is an uninhabited island, there are no hotels or resorts in this place. So going there early in the morning is always a good idea.

Sightseeing And Activities

It is an ideal picnic spot. It is a perfect destination for basking in the sun and sea- water by simply sitting in the water.

What To Do

The beach of the Avis Island is not good for swimming, so you can enjoy here only by seeing some fishes frolicking in the water.