Aamkunj Beach

Aamkunj Beach is located near to Rangat and it is one of the best eco-tourism destinations in India.It is 08Km away from Rangat and barely 100 mts from the main road i.e, Andaman Trunk Road (A.T.R).Close to the beach is the eco-park that provides a friendly environment. At, this place there is natural fresh water and this is the reason for choosing this place as a park. What makes this park unique is the fact that everything is made-up of woods and particularly the wood logs that were lying on the beach. So no tree was cut to make the picnic area. These structures are maintenance free, durable and will last for many decades to come.

Mr. V. Kannan (Divisional Forest Officer) transformed the sea beach into an eco-park, and now this is the main tourist attraction. The beach that once managed to see the faces of merely tens of people in a day now gets hundreds of visitors because of this eco-park. This initiative not only built a green park but also made the best possible use of wooden logs that otherwise occupied the sea beach.

Aamkunj beach is ideal for swimming, sun bathing and relaxation. It is a very popular picnic spot locals coming from Rangat and nearby villages to relax on weekends. Aamkunj beach has no facilities of toilets, restaurant, and shops, so bring your own water and snacks if you want to enjoy long here.