Scuba Diving in Andaman Islands

Scuba Diving in Andaman is one of the must do activity here. The emerald water of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands hide a wealth of marine life and spectacular corals. Among the other water sports , scuba diving in Andaman is a favorite among tourists.In scuba diving, you get to swim across a school of fishes, exploring the marine life deep inside the sea, around coral reefs exploring the shallow sea beds.

The diving school of Andaman provide all the attire for scuba diving, and they also provide instructors for you to learn diving. Scuba diving is a lot of fun and it shouldn’t be missed. It is magical, mystical and would take your breath away. Above all, it is an experience to be remembered.

The best time for Scuba diving in Andaman and Nicobar Island is from December to April since the skies are sunny and the sea lies flat, reflecting the beauty of the clouds. If you are planning to delve into adventure sports, stay away from the islands from May through July on account of strong winds, low visibility underwater and frequent rainfall.

Scuba Dive Operators In Andaman

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a popular spot for scuba diving among tourists. To promote the scuba diving in the island and to ensure the safety of the visitors, as well the Andaman and Nicobar Administration has notified scuba diving guidelines on 2014. Under these guidelines, the registration of all diving centres with the Directorate of Tourism has been made mandatory. Some of the popular centres have got permanent registration are:

  • DIVE India Scuba and Resort, Havelock: Island Vinnie’s Tropical Beach Cabanas is the DIVE India scuba diving centre in Havelock. It offers daily scuba diving trips to the best sites in the area.
  • Barefoot Scuba, Havelock: The institute has variety of scuba courses for beginners and experienced divers.
  • Andaman Bubbles, Havelock: They offer professional quality service, but in a flexible relaxed and fun environment.
  • Ocean Tribe Scuba, Havelock: it organises dive safaris to more than 22 locations around Havelock and the Andaman. Most of its team members belong to the local Karen tribe and know the island’s water like the back of their hand.
  • Lacadives is another trusted name for scuba diving in and around Port Blair. the well efficient and trained staff here ensure the safety of people during diving.

Andaman Scuba Diving Rates

Discover Scuba Diving Rates

Type Price
Discover Scuba Diving (60 Minutes) INR 4500 – 5500
Discover Scuba Diving (30 Minutes) Upto INR 3500
Discover Scuba Diving Extra (Same Day) INR 1800 -1900
Bubble Maker (8-10 Years) INR 4000 – 5500

Fun Diving Rates

Type Price
1 Day / 2 Dives INR 5,250
2 Days / 4 Dives INR 10500
3 Days / 6 Dives INR 15250
4 Days / 8 Dives INR 20000
5 Days / 10 Dives INR 24750
6 Days / 11 Dives INR 29500
Additional Day/Per 2 Dives (After 6th Day INR 4500

Andaman Scuba Diving Photos

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Sites for Scuba Diving In Andaman

There are number of places and spots for Scuba Diving in Anadaman Sea. Havelock and its surrounding area is quite famous for scuba diving in Andaman. Some of the best sites for scuba diving are –

  • Snake Island off Corbyn’s Cove Beach
  • Cinque Island
  • Havelock Island– has some stunning diving spots you can explore. The best of these are:
  • Seduction Point
  • The Wall
  • Minerva ledge
  • Lighthouse
  • Turtle Bay
  • Campbell Shoal off North Button Island
  • Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
  • Cinque Island

Before going on the underwater adventure, it’s essential to be certified diver. A half day course and some practice can make you eligible for diving. There are many experienced and PADI (professional association of diving instructor) certified instructor who can help the vacationer in getting into the strong of the sea.

You don’t necessarily need to know to swim to try diving. The only requirements are that you are comfortable in the water and are in good health.

If you have any health issue then please consult your doctor before taking the dive. Asthma patient, pregnant women, a heart patient, a person with extreme back problems should avoid this activity.